A New Year & Curated Newsletters

A New Year & Curated Newsletters

It’s been hard to concentrate the last few days and many people I’ve spoken with are feeling the same way. Typically our newsletter goes out on Thursdays but here we are on Friday (again) and that’s OK. Every year, there’s a ritual of setting goals and making a plan but this week doesn’t feel motivating or authentic to tackle a vision board. So instead, I’m focusing on newsletters I’ve found over the last few months that have made me smile, made me a bit smarter and above all have made me explore different topics, ideas, and possibilities.

Newsletter Topic: Purpose 

  • In almost every meeting I’ve had over the last six months, the notion of doing something meaningful or purpose-driven has come up in conversations. John Wood is the author of “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” which recounts how he used his business acumen during his career in technology to develop one of the fastest growing nonprofits in history. He’s also the Founder of Room to Read, an organization that believes world change starts with educated children. Room to Read has brought education to 16.6 million children in 16 countries. His newsletter provides brief updates on book and travel recommendations, philanthropy and inspiring stories of business leaders who are "powered by purpose". John Wood Newsletter - Business leaders who are powered by purpose.

Newsletter Topic: Business

  • Morning Brew provides a quick recap of business topics and trends. The Hustle curates the latest business news and trends as well. I like it because it gives me some perspective on what other people feel is noteworthy.

  • Lin Jin is a Harvard graduate who wants people to know that if they’ve been laid off, they can easily build and grow their own company without the help of a developer. Recently, she launched a Substack newsletter called Side Hustle Stack. It's a gold mine of resources to find platform-based work, ranging from gig work and side hustles to platforms that help you start a small business that can grow.

  • When I talked about a no code course to my tech savvy friend, he told me about the Makerpad: Build & operate businesses without code newsletter which provides advice and tutorials about new technology (specifically no code products to build a business easily).  Since I am interested in Future of Work topics, I search for information about new tech tools and want to learn about companies that have thrived during the pandemic. Packy McCormack’s Not Boring: The Best Is Yet To Come newsletter makes this topic not boring at all.

“When it is all said and done, I believe that historians will look back at the Coronavirus pandemic as the greatest catalyst for progress and creativity in human history.”
                                - Packy McCormack, Not Boring

  • For all the freelancers, out there, check out The Freelancer newsletter for all your questions and resources answered.

Newsletter Topic: Career

  • Emma Gannon is the Author of “The Multi Hyphen Method: Work Less, Create More. How to Make Your Side Hustle Work for You” and is the #1 podcaster on the topic of careers in the UK called “Ctrl Alt Delete”. Her newsletter is a delightful mix of work, wellness and creativity. Join thousands of curious readers & join The Hyphen newsletter.

Newsletter Topic: Wellness & Development

  • Ness Labs is science-based content to answer the question: “How can we make the most of our lives without sacrificing our mental health?” Ness Labs - Make the most of your mind
  • Shane Parrish is the creator of a podcast called Knowledge Project and it’s excellent. He cuts right to the chase with his questions for his guests and has a variety of topics. His newsletter is called “Brain Food” and it comes out every Sunday.  There’s always something new and thoughtful in it. Brain Food fs newsletter

At first I was hesitant to submit my email address thinking I’d be bombarded with unnecessary emails but after reviewing them, I fell in love. I’m convinced these will help with 2021 audacious goals and that giant vision board... eventually.