Reviewed & Recommended: Career Stories with Kerri Twigg

Reviewed & Recommended:  Career Stories with Kerri Twigg

Kerri Twigg is a career coach who was recommended to me by a friend about 6 months ago. Kerri has a quirky personality but a practical approach. Her blogs and her YouTube channel provide valuable information on everything from responding to uncomfortable interview questions to how to brand yourself online. She’s from Canada so there’s a chance you may not have heard of her and the resources she provides.

Kerri is especially adept at helping people with their career stories. These stories help us explain how to transfer work skills from one job to the next or how to talk about a career pivot in a seamless way.

In Kerri’s Tedx talk, she talks about the need for everyone to burn their resume and walks through the process of career storytelling to get to the heart of what makes you sing.

Here are the top tips she recommends to get clarity on your career story:

  1. Think about what you are most proud of at work or in a previous position.  Sit with that and think about what it is that made you feel awesome.
  2. Discuss those things you do that make you want to sing.
  3. In the Future of Work, there are four main attributes being discussed as highly needed in a world of automation and they are: collaboration, creativity, communication, and solving problems.  When developing your stories, keep these attributes in mind.
  4. On index cards, write down what you were most proud of at a previous or current job. Do this for 7 days.
  5. Then turn that card over and write down your biggest strength while at a company or previous job.
  6. Once you have these, a career story will begin to unfold and you can introduce yourself in a different way by having this illustration that comes to life.
  7. The Future of Work needs the emotional side of human beings so Kerri recommends looking for ways to show up as yourself and articulate your awesomeness.

Other ways to find Kerri:

Career Coaching and Job Search Strategy | Career Stories

On YouTube, Kerri has a channel filled with helpful advice regarding career pivots, your digital footprint, and branding yourself for your next big career move.