The Rise of Side Hustle Platforms + 3 Ideas

The Rise of Side Hustle Platforms + 3 Ideas

There’s a wave of technology companies catering to people who want flexible work and projects that help fill in their salary gaps - and many of them were launched in 2020 and 2021. So right now it’s much easier to set up a side business because these platforms have the tools built into their platform to succeed. Many of them are not the typical side hustle business model and some focus on a specific niche. A few of them have a membership fee while others take a small percentage. Whichever one you choose, they all align with the future of work trends focused on giving more control and earning potential to the person providing the service. Some of these creators/service providers are earning on average $1,500 per month. Here are a few to check out and get started.

Curated: Expert Shopping Advice for Sports Enthusiasts

This platform matches consumers searching for the ideal sporting gear with a vetted expert in the sport they want to pursue. Instead of combing through loads of reviews for a pair of ski boots and skis, for example, you’re matched with an expert who not only knows the right questions to ask but can also be discerning about which products are best for a certain skill level. Becoming an expert on Curated is where you can make some money. Are you considered an expert skier, tennis player, golfer, or maybe you’ve recently earned your wine sommelier certificate? A friend of mine played golf for the PGA and has won several golf tournaments. In his 50s, he works in insurance and works part-time for a golf store at a resort. His background is perfectly suited to serve as an expert and help consumers looking for golf gear. Curated is expanding into different areas such as being matched with wine experts so check out the site and see what other experts will be needed in the future.

Dumpling: Grocery Delivery

Becoming a member of dumpling is a way to run your own grocery shopping & delivery business from your phone and become your own LLC. There is a membership of $20 per month for people who do the grocery shopping. Although each order only garners an average of $33, it’s not bad income if you’re already going to grocery stores during the week anyway. Dumpling is an attempt to disrupt the gig economy and corporate options such as instacart or Amazon Prime. On their site, it reads “We realized that the only thing standing between these workers and the ability to start their own personal shopping and delivery companies was access to the right technology. So we built it for them.”

Steady: For Media Makers

Coming from traditional media, I’ve seen how newsrooms have been decimated because of free online news sources and advertising dollars overflowing into Google and Facebook’s coffers. That’s why I was so happy to discover Steady which supports journalists and all media makers. They’ve been around since 2016 created by a few journalists who quickly realized that media creators needed an all-in-one platform where they didn’t have to be concerned about implementing a newsletter or setting up Stripe. In 2021, Steady added a publishing platform: publishers can host their content on Steady, send newsletters and collect subscribers. Writers and content creators can start a publication with a newsletter on Steady that they can then monetize. Those who already have a publication of their own can integrate memberships directly on their website. Their site reads, “It's never been easier to do your own thing: You don't need a radio station to broadcast your podcast, a TV station to produce your own show, or a publishing house to reach thousands of readers. Musicians have already been able to release music independently for quite some time. Still, it can be hard to be an independent media maker. That's why we built Steady.”

If you’re considering another revenue stream or curious about the best way to move forward with a side hustle idea, consider what might be an ideal fit based on your background, expertise, and flexibility. I highly recommend following people who talk about the “Passion Economy” and who discuss the newest products with the most earning potential available. Sometimes, you can get in early and be a beta tester and it won’t cost a thing. It’s clear that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

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