About Us

About illume hire

illume hire is a platform that empowers professionals age 50+ by providing career resources and community, mentoring, and customized bootcamps to maximize their mid-career momentum.

We provide a fresh voice tailored to the unique perspectives and needs of mid-career professionals. From the startup-curious, to professionals who are ready to chart a different course, illume hire blends original and curated content, tools to upskill, and a community to provide support and build their network as they navigate the second half of their professional lives.



Our Team


Emily Clay

CEO and Co-founder

Emily has extensive sales and business development experience in the media industry at companies like U.S. News & World Report. She drives marketing, content strategy, PR, business development, and UX/UI Design. 

In addition to her work with illume hire, Emily is part of the founding leadership team of Age Equity Alliance, a non-profit focused on age diversity in the workplace.


Nick Burling

COO and Co-founder

Nick is a serial entrepreneur with deep product and operational experience built through leadership roles across multiple Fortune 500 companies and startups, including a successful exit to Microsoft for BlueStripe Software where Nick was the VP of Product. Nick drives operations for illume hire, including building out the company’s product strategy and tech stack.


Ken Marshall

Strategic Advisor and Acting CMO

Ken Marshall is the CGO and Managing Partner at RevenueZen. Ken is an advisor for illume hire working on SEO and targeted content marketing. His agency has developed systems that turn business websites from an afterthought, into a powerful tool that generates new sales and inquiries. For the last 5 years, his team has built up their superpowers around Google approved SEO and paid ads, targeted content marketing, stellar copywriting that converts, and powerful social selling methodologies. They look at lead generation from a holistic approach that involves tailoring strategies to specific and individual needs of a client’s business. Ken loves learning about and growing businesses, creating useful and engaging articles, and drinking black coffee.